An Unexpected error occurred when sending emails in Mac Outlook "Error code-17199"

Outlook, the desktop email client has made Windows business an efficient platform for managing information. It helps in maintaining emails, contacts, calendars, etc. and the success has led to the design of Outlook for other Operating Systems as well. By the launch of Outlook 2011 for Mac, organizations dealing with Mac OS found their business dealings easier. Mac Outlook has the features as that of Outlook for Windows provided that; Mac Outlook stores the data in OLM file format. All the emails, contacts, notes etc. get stored in OLM files.

However, like PST files of Windows Outlook, Mac OLM files are also prone to corruption or damaged which ultimately lead to the inaccessibility. In this discussion, you will come across the error 17199 occurring on Mac Outlook while sending emails.

Tip: The Unexpected Error Code 17199 occurs when Mac Outlook OLM database file gets damaged or corrupted. So I would like to suggest you to save an updated backup copy of your Mac OLM database file in PST format. This Converted PST file will help in recovering the OLM database in disaster situations. Users can easily import the converted PST file in Mac Outlook as well as Windows Outlook as per the requirement.

Error Code 17199 Outlook Mac

"An unknown error has occurred in Outlook. A message in your Outlook could not be sent. The account which created the message could not be found."

What is the reason for this error-17199 of Mac Outlook 2011?

The inaccessibility of the OLM files can be because of more than one reason. Under some circumstances the access to the files can be lost. Let us see the causes that lead to this error.


Some reasons why this error code-17199 occurs:

Is there any possible way to get rid of this error-1799? How can the error be resolved is mentioned in the following session.

Resolving Error 17199 of Outlook 2011

Follow the steps given below to fix error code-17199 Mac Outlook 2011:

Conclusion: This blog includes informative details about the unexpected error code-17199 seen in Mac Outlook 2011 when sending emails and also has the solution for the same error. Follow this blog to resolve and know about this error.