OLM Viewer Tool that Allows to Open & Read Mac Files Ouside Mac

View OLM file of Outlook 2011 without Mac OS, opt this highly potential solution free OLM Viewer. The software is incorporated with high efficiency to allow users to open OLM files in the absence of Mac environment. The point of fact is that only this utility will let you read OLM file free which is created by Mac Outlook. It effectively scans the files and loads a preview of all the items successfully. Further the software holds an understandable sort of User-Interface for easy usage.

  • Generates preview of OLM file emails, calendars, tasks, contacts, etc.
  • Executes a quick scan OLM & loads all items present file
  • Option to save the scanned file and use it for future purpose
  • Advance Search option to Search emails from the file
  • Open and View OLM file of any size, no limitation in file size
  • Provides support for all Windows 10 and its earlier versions

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Features of OLM File Viewer

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View Outlook OLM File Instantly

The free OLM viewer facilitates users by providing a platform to open OLM file without Mac Outlook appropriately in the Windows Platform. It provides users an option to view contacts, tasks, calendars and email messages along with their respective attachments.

Option for Saving Scanned File

Once the OLM file Viewer tool has scanned the Mac Outlook database, it will prompt you to save the scanned file on your system. This helps in reducing the time which would have been unnecessarily devoted for scanning large files. Later you can view OLM file content.

Mac Environment Not Required

To read Outlook 2011 OLM archive on Windows, you either require a Mac system having MS Outlook 2016 or below versions, or you can opt to move data. However, with free OLM Viewer, you don't require any of the setup mentioned above still you can view OLM file easily.

Preview Data of All Emails

You can View OLM file emails and all its data with the help of Normal Mail View tab. Further, the attachment tab allows you to preview details of attachments corresponding to emails which are in the form of images or document type.

Performs Scan & Generates Preview

As soon as you select the desired OLM file, it executes a quick scan and loads all folders like inbox, drafts, sent items, etc. You will get to view details like subject matter, time at which message was received, etc. of every email.

Preserves Meta data of Items

While viewing OLM files on the viewer, you can easily judge out that the Mac Outlook viewer software retains all the properties of each and every item. All the details like status of messages, respective email attachments, recurrences in calendars, etc. are retained.

User-friendly Application

Even though the Outlook 2011 message viewer software comes as a freeware, but it involves the least complexities when you view or open OLM files. A person without any technical knowledge can also easily operate this software and view files efficiently.

Option to Split Resultant File

The OLM file reader is a freeware utility but the upgrade version of the tool comes up with upgraded features, like it can split the large sized resultant file in to multiple small size files.

Suitable Naming Conventions

OLM viewer freeware extends its flexibility by allowing to save the files on the basis of subject of email, date, sender, or it may be a combination of all the details.

Save in Various File Formats

Apart from opening and viewing OLM files, the advance version of OLM Viewer tool allows you to save the OLM file in a different number of file formats.

Frequently Asked Questions
Yes, you can read OLM file on pc with attachments related to each and every email, provided the attachments in documents or image form.
No, you won't be able to view corrupted OLM files with our software. But definitely if you upgrade to its pro version then you can recover the corrupted files and view it appropriately.
With free OLM viewer you can view files of any size. There is no such limitation in file size for viewing.
Yes, you can read mac archived files on windows , Inbox, drafts, sent items, etc. with free OLM file viewer.
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