How To Deal With "Login Failed" Error 17900 When Receiving An Email In Mac Outlook 2011?

Since the deployment of Outlook for Windows was a remarkable success, Microsoft made it possible for Mac Operating System users as well. Outlook 2011 was introduced for Mac users and can be compared with Outlook 2010. Similar features of Outlook for Windows can be seen in Outlook 2011 such as, emailing, contacts storing, calendaring etc. Though it holds the features of Windows Outlook, cannot be said that it is the exact copy of Outlook Windows. Mac Outlook doesn't hold attachments sent from Windows Outlook that is in Rich Text format, do not have ActiveX controls etc. Apart from that, it shows some errors as well. In this article, one of the errors is discussed and you will get the solution for the same.

The error discussed is, Oulook Mac Error Code: 17900.

Let us see what happens when this error occurs and the corresponding steps to get rid of it.

Mac Outlook Login Failure Error: 17900

When you try receiving an email in Mac Outlook 2011, you may come across;

Error: "Login Failed"
Could not retrieve mail
Account name: "Your account name/ISP"

This may be because of the corruption infected to files, improper shutdown of the system or Outlook, improper network connection, etc. However, the foremost reason can be the incorrect settings of account or firewall settings.

How to Resolve Error 17900 Outlook 2011?

Follow the steps to solve the Error 17900.


Many of them might have gone through this error 17900 at least once. The error of Mac Outlook 2011 pops an error message like; incorrect username or password. However, there is no need to get panic once when you receive the message again. Press the Send/Receive button when you open Outlook 2011 and even after performing that, if you didn't receive any mails then, follow the above steps. These steps, remove the chance of getting the error message again when you receive the mail.