Moving from MAC Outlook 2011 to Windows Outlook 2013

Outlook for MAC 2011 is not only an update for MAC users, leading to replacement of many MAC based email clients. After that separate Outlook was developed for MAC other than Windows termed as Outlook for MAC. The main purpose of developing same email client separately for MAC and Windows is to avoid the clashes on different OS. In spite of providing so many facilities there are still some users who wants to switch from MAC Outlook 2011 to Windows Outlook 2013/2010.

There may be situations like, you belong to corporate world and need to mould yourself according to the technologies followed by the organization. This is a common question for every such person:

“You are working in an organization and using MAC Outlook 2011 and you are switching from there to another place and then you came to know that these people are using Windows Outlook 2013 or 2010. And you are in urgent need of moving some of your important data from previous organization email client to Windows Outlook. Now, How you will put that MAC Outlook data in Windows Outlook.”

For that, you should know that the data from MAC Outlook 2011 is taken out in .olm file format, however the same is .pst file format for Window Outlook 2013/2010.

Before that, you should be clear about the process of getting the data out from MAC Outlook 2011

Taking out OLM file from MAC Outlook 2011:

You can follow the given below steps:

Now, You need to change this resultant file into PST file format for Windows Outlook. To move from MAC Outlook 2011 to Windows Outlook 2013/2010, it is mandatory to change the file format of MAC Outlook data file and then can directly be kept into Windows Outlook 2010 or 2013.

Moving PST file into Windows Outlook 2013/2010

You can go through the given below steps to complete the process:

Note: Before you proceed to convert Outlook for MAC to Windows, make sure to keep a copy of .pst file and then import that into Windows Outlook.