Mac Outlook 2011 Spotlight Search Function is not Working

Like Outlook for Windows Outlook for Mac also uses the Spotlight Search box to search items within the application. Sometime Mac users face a common issue with Outlook 2011 i.e. Spotlight Search function does not work properly. When users search for an item, it shows no results and at the same time user finds that item manually from Outlook.

Mac Operating System uses OS X's Spotlight feature to index its mail items. When users search for the sender, recipient or a word within a message, Outlook uses Spotlight index to find that particular query.

If you are facing the same mentioned Spotlight Search issue then your Microsoft User Data folder has might got corrupted.

Let's discuss some manual methods of fixing the spotlight search indexing issue:

If still the Spotlight indexing issue, not resolved. Then you have to perform a Complete Reset of Spotlight index, for this you can use Terminal app. You will find Terminal in Applications/Utilities, Start Terminal and enter the command and press Return:

sudo mdutil -E/

Then it will prompt for password, enter account password and press Return. Now enter:

sudo mdutil -i on /

and press Return again. This will cause a complete Spotlight reindexing. You can use your Mac normally.