Resolving Mac Outlook 2011 Issue When Mail is Stuck in Outbox Folder

Outlook 2011 for Mac users generally come up with query that mail message they sent gets stuck in Outbox folder. It appears in outbox folder instead of sent items folder in Outlook 2011 account of users. It show the button for outbox at the bottom of your messages indicating that there is email in outbox, but when users click on it to view the message no messages are displayed. Sometimes it displays 3 messages in outbox but when users click on them to view it only displays 2 out of 3. Here in this section we will resolve this issue and also provide you all necessary information that may cause this issue with Outlook 2011 for Mac.

Reasons Behind Email Stuck in Outbox Folder


In order to fix this issue there are three methods, we will discuss it one by one and hope this help to resolve issue of emails stuck in outbox folder of Outlook 2011 for Mac email client.

  1. Disabling Outlook From Work Offline Mode

    Sometimes this issue appears when Outlook 2011 is set to work offline, therefore click it to unable work offline mode in Outlook to solve this issue. To do this start Outlook, click on Menu and see whether 'Work Offline' mode has check mark on it or not. If it has check mark over it, click over it again to disable it to work in online mode.

    Disable Outlook from Offline Mode
  2. Clear the Send Folder in Outlook

    Another method to fix this issue is by deleting the sent folder in Outlook. Open the send folder and then clear all messages listed over there and exit Outlook. Restart Outlook and then try sending email again.

    Clear Send Folder in Outlook
  3. Press Shift Key to Restart Outlook

    It's the basic concept in applications that restarting will close all the backend applications and start the application in fresh mode. Hence, restarting Outlook may help to solve email stuck in outbox folder issue? Quit Outlook if it is in running mode and then press & hold the shift key from keyboard to start Outlook.

    If this issue still persists then rebuild Outlook database. The identity contains a set of messages, contacts, tasks, calendars and account settings etc, located in the Microsoft User Folder data. If the Outlook 2011 shows some unexpected behavior then there are chances that database might be damaged, rebuilding identity in such case suing Microsoft Database Utility may help to resolve the problem.

    Restart - Rebuild Indentity Mac