Manual Steps to Convert OLM to EML

What is OLM to EML Conversion?

MAC users while archiving the Outlook data often ends up with a OLM file, that contains the Outlook data items such as emails, contacts, tasks, calendar etc. The user may face a need to convert OLM to EML format but there does not exist any efficient manual approach to carry out the file conversion. The third party OLM Converter tools are available in the industry, which can easily convert the files to EML format. One such well-known automated tool is OLM to EML Converter, that allows user to convert any MAC Outlook OLM file to EML without any data corruption or data loss issue.

Need to Convert Outlook 2011 Mac to EML Format

On the basis of user requirements, some of the possible reasons have been examined that leads user to convert OLM file to EML files. Consider the following scenarios, which makes us realize the importance of OLM to EML conversion.

Challenges Faced during OLM to EML Conversion

Many users prefer a variety of third party Outlook 2011 Mac to EML Converter to convert OLM files into EML format. However, these tools promise to provide an efficient conversion solution, the users face many challenges that lead to inconvenience to the users. Some of the major challenges faced include:

Convert OLM Emails & More Items into EML Format in Quick Steps

STEP 1: Launch the Software

STEP 2: Add File to the Tool

STEP 3: Browse the Archive

STEP 4: Open the File

STEP 5: Initiate Scan Process

STEP 6: Option to Save Scan File

STEP 7: View Options of Mail Items

STEP 8: Export Single Mail

STEP 9: Conversion Options

STEP 10: Naming Convention

STEP 11: Complete the Process

Conclusion: OLM to EML conversion is quite significant as the EML file can be viewed across different email clients such as Windows Live Mail, Outlook Express, Thunderbird, Eudora etc.